Levet Design Studio is network of talented designers and 3D modelers, providing consultation and design services to designers, jewelers, and manufacturers. Our services include CAD Design, 3D Printing, 3D rendering, and Animation.
With over twenty years of combined experience, our designers are well-versed in making the creative process flow from ideas and thoughts into detailed prototypes.
In the age of computer design we are careful to emphasize the importance of personal interaction with our clients. We will work closely with each individual client to find a suitable design path for their project, and allow their creative vision to be realized. A one-on-one approach allows every client to communicate their vision and collaborate on fine tuning their concept. Our acute attention to detail, and passion for design, allows that vision to be produced with utmost precision.
We pride ourselves in offering clients superior quality 3D renderings, finished 3D models and manufacturable CAD. We can also provide highly-detailed, technical specifications, and 3D printed models to vendors for production purposes.
We are confident in fulfilling the conceptual needs of any design project. We welcome and appreciate your imagination, inspiration, and creativity.
Thank you!
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